“Art is the means by which we communicate what it feels like to be alive..”Anthony Gormley

Welcome to Four Square Fine Arts’ education programme, supporting people of all ages engage with the visual arts and explore their creativity.





Our projects with schools give pupils and teachers the opportunity to explore together. Often working with new processes or media, we place improvisation and experimentation at the heart of what we do; encouraging fresh perspectives on those limiting notions of good and bad, success and failure.

Engaging young people with the context and wider relevance of art and design beyond the classroom is a key part to shaping enquiry and developing personal creativity. Our forthcoming How Do You Do? project aims to build dynamic interactive networks between schools and creative professionals in the surrounding community.

Find out more about How Do You Do?

Below are some sample projects with Primary age groups.
Work with older students can be seen in other sections.

School visit to local art galleryLearning Gold leafingShadow puppet theatre, designed,made and painted by childrenWood brought in by pupils for driftwood archLandscape collage project
Corridor Plaque projectCorridor Plaque projectCorridor Plaque projectCorridor Plaque projectCorridor Plaque project

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Our practical, playful and inspiring one day workshop that requires no art experience or training! Full of simple exercises that can be shared back in the classroom, Creating Confidence is designed to support and develop a teacher’s confidence in their own creativity.

Find out more about the workshop and read what teachers who have done the workshop said

Medicine Wheel: Whole school project, inspired by the work of international land artist Chris Drury based in Lewes

“Marco’s visit promoted, real experimentation, and letting go, ‘thinking outside the box’. He had planned some wonderful ‘freeing up’ starter activities using charcoal ... What we did on this day with Marco has underpinned everything we have done since.”

Suzie Fox, Head of Art, Ashdown House

School visit to local art gallery

One day workshop- Ashdown House School

New materials and Processes.Gold & silver leaf

London Gallery Visit - Ellen Bell solo Show, Hoxton

Medicine Wheel: Whole school project: inspired by the work of Lewes based international land artist Chris Drury

Gallery talk by curator Sonia Crivello

Landscape collage project

Mosaic project

Driftwood Arch

Collected driftwood

Hop gallery visit - with photo's from artist's studio

Work Experience image

Work Experience


Since 2008 we have been providing innovative work experience for Year 10/11 students at local secondary schools in Sussex. A placement with Four Square Fine Arts is a unique opportunity for a young adult to work alongside Sonia Crivello, a gallerist, representing national and international artists and Marco Crivello a professional artist.

Slide show image
  • Setting up Eberhard Ross' solo show in Shoreditch London
  • Discussing composition in the studio
  • Brainstorming exhibition proposals for Four Square Arts exhibition
  • Interviewing the artist Eberhard Ross at his London solo show in 2010
  • Studio work with gold leaf
  • Exploring improvisation
  • A visit to Peter Messer's solo exhibition at the Hop Gallery, Lewes
  • With Liv Wenche Kjaer (Norweigan artist graduated from BA FIne Art University of Brighton)
  • Exploring new materials and processes
  • Preparing Mentoring tile for website
  • Working on stop frame animation for education website
  • Street Art research, Brick Lane, London
  • A visit to Harwood King - Fine Art Printers in Newhaven
  • Mark making exercise
  • Photography project
  • Psychogeography project

We currently offer two placements a year. Click on the polaroid below to find out more about what you can expect to be doing. If you are interested in a placement email us telling us a bit about yourself and your areas of art interest.

More about work experience

A placement with us mixes practical time in the studio, where you can explore and discuss your interests, along with an introduction to some new processes and approaches, along with being involved in the day to day running of an arts business. Some of the areas you’ll get an introduction to will be curating, catalogue design, preparing for exhibitions and art fairs
aspects of marketing including social media and websites and the development of our education programme. There will also be time spent out and about, interviewing artists, visiting galleries, hanging exhibitions and generally exploring art and it’s relevance in different contexts and environments.


How Do You Do?


Opening Doors – Creating Connections

Have you ever wanted to know what it would be like to do a certain job?

Starting in 2012 the How Do You Do? project will be opening doors to studios and workplaces. From painters to potters, jewellers to guitar makers, we’ll be providing opportunities to connect young people to creative professionals in their community.

So far over 50 professionals have offered to open their doors. Here are just a few of them …

image image image image image image image image image




In 2010 to support the transition of Lewes football club to community ownership, 40 artists, photographers, sculptors and illustrators came together to raise money through sales of their work in Artists United at the Foundry Gallery. It was a demonstration of the creative diversity in the town and an ideal opportunity to develop connections between young people and the creatives within their community, whom they might not otherwise meet. The resulting project – Young Artists United - gave students the opportunity to choose an artist from the show, make a studio visit and then create a response to the meeting and the artist’s work.

The slideshow below shows responses including printmaking, film, photography, drawing and sculpture, displayed as part of the Artists United exhibition, which was attended by over 800 visitors in four days.

The Young Artists United Project involved professional artists Tom Hammick, Jo Lamb, Denée Holloway, Tom Homewood and Peter Messer.

The Young Artists were Jack Bodimeade, Megan Norris, Eli Tarran-Richards, Billy Tourle and Toma Stevenson.

“The questions that Megan asked were rather perceptive, and made me think about a lot of my work in an entirely different way. The questioning was different from a buyer, or a gallery in that it was very direct and made me think…in a sense we talked as artists, and also as collaborators..” Jo Lamb, Artist

How Do You Do?

Growing out of Young Artists Untied and starting in 2012, How Do You Do?
will connect young people with creative professionals in their community.
Find out more about the project.


  • Nature as Mind; Mind as Nature

Life-long Learning


“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”Picasso

If you finished school with the conviction that you were ’no good at art’, Picasso’s quote may seem an optimistic sentiment, though hardly relevant to you. But perhaps it¹s insight is not that we can all be ‘artists’ but that we all have an innate potential for open ended play; to make, to experiment, to risk, to say ‘what if ?’. A way of relating to the world that was once central to early childhood learning, that for so many of us is eclipsed as we become adults.

We believe whatever your age or occupation, practical encounters with making art can help not only understand why others make art but more importantly reconnect us with an innate potential to create ourselves. It's something we've seen seen so clearly in our workshops, that we've made it a central aim of this project; to create opportunities that encourage a shift from audience consumers to audience participants.

  • image01
    Microscope activity - Nature Matters
  • image02
    Eberhard Ross - Solo London Show 2010
  • image01
    Eberhard Ross, Solo Exhibition, London 2010
  • image02
    Art London, 2010
  • image03
    Ellen Bell, Solo Exhibition, London 2011
  • image04
    Ellen Bell Artist Talk, Solo Exhibition, London 2011
  • image05
    Watching Four Square Films at London Art Fair, 2010
  • image06
    Making Your Work Workshop, Lewes, East Sussex, 2010
  • image07
    Art London, 2009
  • image08
    MA Book Arts students Masterclass with Ellen Bell at Solo Exhibition, 2011
  • image10
    Studying Ellen Bell's "Love", 2009
  • image11
    Making Your Work Workshop, Lewes, 2010
  • image12
    Marco Crivello Solo Exhibition, Air Gallery, London, 2010
  • image13
    Mixed Exhibition at Cork Street, London 2009
  • image14
    Marco Crivello, Artist Talk, Solo Exhibition, 2010
  • image15
    London Art Fair, 2010

What researchers are saying ...

  1. 1. Learning through arts and culture improves attainment in all subjects.
  2. 2. Participation in structured arts activities increases cognitive abilities.
  3. 3. Students from low-income families who take part in arts activities at school are three times more likely to get a degree.
  4. 4. The employability of students who study arts subjects is higher and they are more likely to stay in employment.
  5. 5. Students who engage in the arts at school are twice as likely to volunteerand are 20% more likely to vote as young adults.
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“I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand.”Chinese proverb

Our two workshops have been developed by creative professionals, experienced working with adults and children. Both explore the importance of improvisation and play in the creative process and are suitable for all abilities!

Making your Mark -  Working in a small group, this is a wonderful way to discover the artist within you!

Creating Confidence - A  practical day for primary teachers to unlock their natural creativity and explore ways to enrich the Early Years art curriculum.

 Click on the Polaroids opposite  and find out more about each workshop.

“Great fun and a wonderful experience never to be forgotten! It's developing all the time. Will always carry my sketch book every where. Was all my expectations and more”

- Oriana



In 2008 we began making films about the artists we represent, which we hope will give audiences of all ages a richer understanding of contemporary art practice; why artists do what they do and the reasons behind the materials and processes they choose.


Threshold, focuses on Marco Crivello in the studio. For over twenty years, contemporary landscape artist Marco Crivello’s work has been grounded in an exploration of improvisation. Threshold takes us into the artist’s studio, with revealing footage of his improvised working methods and his creative dialogue.

Organic Geometries, features German artist Eberhard Ross. Ross painstakingly covers canvases and sheets of paper with networks of lines and pattern that develop organically in a repetitive and meditative process which he calls “organic geometry”. In the apparent randomness of the lines he is searching for a quality or a non-symmetrical order as one finds in nature in the veins of plants and outlines of trees, the mass flocking of birds in the sky. In this film, Ross talks from the heart about his work, his passion for music and his wish to convey something about the wonder and order of everything in nature through his painting.


Hard Words
Writing Intimacy
Organic Geometries

“Simply but elegantly shot and edited, these informative films confirm that modern art can be about something that matters, an authentic form of self-expression about our place in the world. Taken together as a mini-series, it¹s an approach with great educational potential.”

Mark Halliley ­ Director BBC1¹s Modern Masters - Matisse

Coming soon ... artists talking about their work

Artist mentoring scheme


Whether you¹re still at college and need some extra help with preparing your portfolio, finishing a degree and perplexed about setting out as a professional artist, or looking to explore your creativity later in life, you may feel you need some professional support to help you take the next step.

Mentoring, over even one session, can be an ideal way to help clarify your needs and aims into a practical framework that will take you forwards, and if there is something specific we can¹t help with, we¹ll do our best to point you in the direction of someone who can.

Your insightful observations of my work, your passionate interest in what I am doing and your helpful suggestions have revived my enthusiasm! You have managed to articulate a clear and exciting path for me to explore

Beverley Purdue – Fine Art degree student

What can we offer?

Art business basics – Outside of your precious studio time, being a self employed artist means grappling with small business basics like, SOR, commission rates, invoicing, accounting, VAT, transportation, insurance etc. We can talk through any questions you have, clarify some of the basics, and of course, if we don’t know the answer, we’ll do our best to point you in the direction of someone who does!

Your goals – Where do you see yourself in 12 months? And importantly what will be the steps to getting there? We can work with you to set out a realistic program – including reviewing your websites, marketing and general PR strategy.

Portfolio review – Critical and constructive feedback is vital in helping develop your practise. We can arrange a studio visit or alternatively you’re welcome to bring work to our office.

Selling your work – We’ve seen that one of the hardest things for most artists is pricing their work; With over 10 years experience exhibiting regional, national and international artists, we can help you look at the market for your work and set realistic prices.

Finding a gallery – Good trustworthy representation is crucial for your career. But what’s the best approach? As a gallery we’re regularly contacted by hopeful artists, so are ideally placed to show you ways to improve your chances of being considered.

Presenting your work – Poor presentation can undermine good work, which in turn can influence both sales and whether a gallery might decide to show your work. With our experience ranging from gallery shows to prestigious art fairs, we can advise ways to make the most of your presentation.

If you would like to discuss whether mentoring might help you, send us an email or alternatively call the office.

Community Aims

Our educational programme aims to support all members of the community in an enriched understanding of the diversity of creative endeavours taking place within their community. Our goal is to facilitate conversations and meetings between young people and creative professionals, enabling them to form a clearer understanding of the rapidly evolving nature of the world of work, the range of day to day skills required, as well as the non linear pathways taken by many who work in the creative sector. We believe these encounters and the projects relating to them will enable young people to approach qualifications, career choices and the future with clearer understanding and greater confidence.

We aim to develop a programme with particular emphasis on hands on practical engagement, as the ideal way to encourage new audiences across all age groups for the different creative practises in the visual arts.


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